Common Questions

That’s no problem! Guests with a valid, regular driver’s license can rent any of our camping trailers.

If your plans change after booking your reservation, please notify us as quickly as possible.

If you cancel your reservation 30 days or more prior to the start of your reservation, we’ll refund 50% of the money collected minus any applicable administrative fees.

If you cancel your reservation 14 days or less before the start of your reservation, no refund will be issued.

  • 2-night minimum reservation is required on all non-holidays.

  • 3-night minimum reservation is required for rental dates that fall on a holiday. 

**At our discretion and due to certain emergencies, Hot Springs Camper Rentals LLC reserves the right to roll reservation fees for no more than six (6) months in lieu of no refund. This will be a case-by-case situation.
(e.g.; COVID-19, death of an immediate family member, etc)

Guests must be 25 years old or above in order to rent from Hot Springs Camper Rentals.

Since we handle transportation, drop-off & pick-up of our rental campers, we have insurance to cover our trailer and supplied items. Hot Springs Camper Rentals does assume responsibility for, provide coverage for, protect, or otherwise offer coverage for our guests’ personal property or valuable items of any type or form.

Guests should contact their homeowners, renters, or condominium insurance providers with questions or to verify and/or secure coverage for their personal property during their stay.

Yes, you can bring your furry friend with you.

If you wish to bring your furry friend, please note that we hold a $250 Pet Deposit for potential damages.

You must select the appropriate “Bring My Pet” option on the booking page when you are booking your reservation. If not selected, you must present a payment method at check-in.

Once your rental period is over, we’ll return the Pet Deposit to your original payment method if no damage is found during our final inspection.

Guests may not connect to, or move, any of Hot Springs Camper Rentals’ camping trailers. We handle the drop-off, set-up, and pick-up of all rental units. If guests would like to visit more than one location during their reservation, this must be discussed & agreed upon PRIOR to booking their reservation.

No, we cannot secure campsites or other venues for any guests. Guests are responsible for securing their campsite, slip, or other location themselves. We recommend guests make arrangements and/or secure a campsite or other adequate location prior to booking – especially on holidays & during peak season.

Smoking is not allowed in any of Hot Springs Camper Rentals’ camping trailers for any reason. This is to help us maintain rental campers that are in great shape and provide excellent experiences for all guests.

Guests who violate this rule will be charged an additional, non-refundable $750 cleaning & disinfection fee.

Our rental campers are supplied with basic linens and appliances. Most guests bring extra blankets & pillows, extra towels, wet wipes, paper towels, disposable eating utensils, trash bags, board games, fishing equipment, food, chairs, umbrellas, coolers, bicycles, etc.

Some guests rent our campers when visiting relatives, attending weddings, or other events instead of staying at a hotel or AirBnB. Sometimes, they want to get off the beaten path for a few days and that’s fine, too!

We’ll set up your camper anywhere within a 60mi radius of Hot Springs, AR.

Note: an additional fee will be charged (per mile) for locations outside of a 50 mile radius. A gas-powered generator is available for reservation at a cost per hour of use.